About Minerva

Minerva was the brainchild of our Chair, Anne Cooper. Again and again throughout her successful career she saw women not fulfilling their potential due to a lack of confidence, not knowing their strengths and hitting glass ceilings. This programme aims to empower women to overcome these obstacles, and help women understand their unique abilities and how they can use them to improve their leadership skills and become the leaders of tomorrow.

What will you gain?

  • A self-reflective understanding and acceptance of your unique leadership style and strengths.
  • The critical skills and insight into how you can develop as a leader now, and in the future.
  • Personalised leadership coaching sessions.
  • Eight modules in 2022, delivered in a mix of face to face and online, using a variety of learning experiences.
  • The opportunity to work with other women leaders in groups and join a vibrant and supportive network.

Who is it for?

Minerva is for women working in health technology or health and care data environment who aspire to lead. You might come from a wide range of professional disciplines. For example, you might be a programme manager, clinician, senior business analyst, developer, comms expert etc – so the list goes on. What’s more important is that you have the right appetite for a focused senior leaders’ development programme and a positive attitude to learning. If you are not sure if the programme is for you, please contact Anne for a chat. She is more than happy to talk to you about the programme and what it entails.

Each module features a range of high-quality materials, and you will have the opportunity to design some of the programme content as a group through facilitated sessions both online and in person. To maintain connection across the group – an important dimension of the programme – we will be using a social media platform to enable you to work and communicate.

What does it cost?

The cost of the programme is £2,700 plus VAT. This includes 3 sessions of personal coaching, and access to the 8 modules.

Judy Smith

How it works

Minerva is based on the simple idea that you are best placed to identify your strengths and weaknesses and decide what you want to work on.

The programme expects you to act as a partner in your learning journey, using your experiences, making sense of them, being self-directed and committed to continuous learning. Working with the programme team and external partners, you will explore your strengths and identify your learning needs. The programme provides challenge, inspiration and support that has a real positive impact on you. We believe that to develop as a leader is to develop as a human!

Time to learn and reflect

This programme is designed to create a space for you to reflect on who you are, to discover your strengths, to think about who you want to be, and to identify your own opportunities for growth. Minerva provides a great learning environment, with a balance of support and challenge, to help you develop your personal learning agenda and design and run learning experiments that will help you grow as an authentic leader.


We believe in the power of coaching to accelerate your personal journey. A core element of the programme is the individual coaching sessions that thread through the entire programme. We have extensive experience of coaching leaders and helping them to make the most of their development opportunities.

Topical content

The modules cover a range of topical issues that affect leaders of today and will prepare you for your leadership journey. These range from women and power to systems thinking and address issues such as how to successfully innovate.

  • Module one – Knowing yourself (strengths profile feedback) and reflecting in action
  • Module two – Women and power
  • Module three – Presence and impact
  • Module four – Inclusive design and bias
  • Module five – Strategic thinking and influencing
  • Module six – Systems thinking; working across organisations
  • Module seven – Introduction to innovation
  • Module eight – Masterclass (meet women leaders) and future planning

Application process

Once the application process is open you will be expected to provide a short video or written account of why you would like to apply, who you are, what you do currently and why you think Minerva is for you.

We also expect you to show that you have the support of your manager through a supporting statement submitted with your application.

Open now for registration – closing 31st May 2022.

Please contact us here to apply

The Minerva programme has been totally transformational for me providing a safe space to understand my strengths and have the confidence to use them to make a difference in the workplace. Rachel Habergham | Programme Director | NHS Digital
I really enjoyed completing the Minerva Programme last year, I met some wonderful women in the process and learnt a lot about myself. Minerva was particularly appealing to me due to the way the programme was structured and delivered – enabling me to better balance my personal life being a parent to a young child. I have taken away many exercises and examples which I continue to use, and the coaching enabled me to process and overcome some difficult situations, reframing my perspective on how I needed approach things. I don’t always get it perfect (who does!) but these strategies and techniques have helped me in my new role, which I secured following completion of the Minerva programme. Aasha Cowey | Strategic Transformation Lead | Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
The Minerva Programme reignited my passion for learning. As an early career digital health leader, the learning and coaching helped me to better understand my unique strengths and leadership style. Melissa Andison | Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer | Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sponsors and supporters

We are pleased to be working with Thrive by Design who are helping to deliver the programme

Alcidion (UK) have provided sponsorship for the programme.