Recognised for significant contribution to regional economy and innovation


The UK Fast Growth 50 Index has unveiled the inaugural list of the fifty fastest-growing firms in the North of England, and we’re thrilled to announce our spot at number 16.


At Ethical, we’re on a mission to redefine the norm. Our focus is on creating a positive and impactful social footprint, collaborating with like-minded individuals and clients who share our values, understanding, and experiences. We’re not just setting the bar; we’re raising it, forging a sustainable future for digital transformation in the NHS. It’s a challenging journey, but moments like this fuel our drive. A huge shoutout to our incredible Ethical family – this achievement is all yours!

About the Fast Growth 50

The Fast Growth 50 is an annual index that spotlights the top 50 fastest-growing companies in six nations and regions, including the North of England. This year’s North of England index showcased businesses across various sectors, collectively generating a turnover of £1 billion, with an average growth rate of 199 percent. Additionally, these businesses contributed to the creation of over 4,789 jobs last year.

Ethical’s role in the North of England’s business scene

As a participant in the Fast Growth 50, Ethical Healthcare Consulting has demonstrated remarkable performance, making a positive impact on the North of England’s business community.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, Founder of Fast Growth 50, emphasised the vital role played by fast-growing firms like Ethical in shaping the UK’s economic landscape.

“The UK Fast Growth 50 Index demonstrates that a small number of fast growth firms such as Ethical Healthcare Consulting make a substantial contribution to the UK’s economic landscape, providing real examples of how innovation, enterprise and sheer hard work can make a real difference in all sectors from construction to financial services to technology.

Their incredible growth during difficult times shows that through generating wealth and jobs in their local communities, entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of regional and national prosperity. Most important of all, their success stories demonstrate the impact of ambition and adaptability, providing a blueprint for sustainable growth that will hopefully inspire others to follow a similar journey.”

Thomas Webb, Chief Executive and Founder of Ethical added:

“I’m delighted with this award and so proud of our team, who deserve this so much. Our continued and sustained growth is a real testament to our different approach to consulting, one that is driven by impact over profit and ego. We as a team focus on being authentic humans who just try to support the NHS to the best of our ability every day.”

What’s next for Ethical

Looking forward, we have plans to continue to invest internally in the systems and processes that will help us to scale in coming years. We will be releasing new and innovative consulting offers to the NHS in the coming months, as well as continuing to build our workforce with high calibre individuals.

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Dawn McGuigan