Patients before profit margins

The Ethical story is a clear demonstration that healthcare suppliers can champion public sector values without compromising on quality or price. Doing the right things in the right way is the successful and sustainable ethos that is driving this dynamic health informatics consultancy.

Ethical Healthcare is a unique team of exceptional talent that has public service principles at its heart. Leading industry figures are working closely across the NHS and healthcare to deliver cutting-edge projects for a cost-effective price.

Ethical is the brainchild of UK health industry veteran Thomas Webb. His mission to put patients before profit margins in health IT grew from years working in the NHS and in health tech consultancy. “I saw that having a primary driver of profit can compromise the service that can be provided,” he states. “I knew there had to be a better way – something that actually met the needs of the NHS.”

Webb identified a gap in the market for a committed group of NHS alumni and health IT leaders who embraced public sector values. Starting in 2016, Webb shared his vision with well-known names such as former NHS Digital chief nurse pioneer Anne Cooper. Since then, the talented team has grown to include Andy Kinnear, Joe McDonald and Nick Hopkinson (to name but a few).

All come with years of experience in the NHS and digital health world, and all share Ethical’s spirit of public service – doing good for others. “We have no agenda other than doing the right thing for the NHS, its staff and its patients. We believe we can be financially successful without being exploitative.”

The success of the Ethical approach

The Ethical approach is being embraced by a market that shares its values and beliefs.

Ethical works alongside the NHS and other healthcare clients to deliver high-calibre work at a highly competitive cost. The team is feeding insight, learning and knowledge back to the NHS and healthcare in a way that is transparent and fair.

Its reputation and skillset have led it to be involved in some of the most exciting work in the sector. High profile collaborations include projects in digital maturity, usability, data strategy and EPR optimisation. Many more are underway.

“It feels like we are explorers, providing services and support that have a huge impact,” says Webb. “We sit alongside the NHS with a team that is packed full of direct NHS experience, we have done the same jobs as our clients, it makes a big difference.”

Healthcare staff face unrelenting pressure. They need a trusted partner to help them use data and digital innovation to make their working lives easier. The team – with its unrivalled insight into public and private sector healthcare – understands how to make that happen.

Experience and integrity at its heart

Ethical is committed to helping others seize the opportunity of digital in a transparent and equitable way.

Clients are not seen as a source of revenue. Clients are people at the frontline of care whose working lives can be made much easier through the right approach to digital. Clients are the patients they serve.

“We would love to shift the market so others took a more fair and balanced approach,” says Webb. “I would be delighted if others – even one of the major consultancies – would copy us. It would show that doing the right thing is a successful and sustainable business model.”

The Ethical approach is one of integrity and value. Its success is showing that doing the right things in the right way can benefit the healthcare market as a whole.